T-shirt printing business 101 - Class 2

August 21, 2013

Heat Transfer Printing Method (Paper Transfer) Inkjet, Laser jet & Sublimation Inks 

The computer has definitely changed our lives and the way we do things. Faster and more sophisticate, time needed for T-Shirt Printing is reduced tremendously. 

All that is required: a computer, an output machine and a 
Heat Press machine. It only takes about 5 minutes to produce a neat T-Shirt. A special heat transfer media (transfer paper) is fed into the out put machine, usually a copier or laser printer where the image is printed. Then high heat pressure (using the Heat Press machine) is applied onto the media to force transfer the image from the surface of the media to the surface of the T-Shirt.

In today’s context, Heat Transfer Printing produces brilliant full colour images in a hassle free way. There are different transfer papers for white or light coloured T-shirt and dark coloured T-shirts. Sublimation inks transfers onto polyester materials (mugs, plates, polyester/polycotton t-shirts) 

 Hence, this method is commonly used for printing customized or personalized T-Shirt of the same or different designs or images.


T-shirt printing business 101 - Class 1

August 21, 2013

Please read for better understanding of the T-shirt printing methods before you rush into buying anything.

There are 4 common types of T-Shirt Printing Methods. Namely, Silkscreen printing, Heat Transfer printing, Digital Cut Out printing and Direct To Garment printing method. Technically, they are of different printing process but serve the same purpose - to print T-Shirt.

Let’s start with the Silkscreen Printing or Screen Printing Method

In the 19th century, a patent was granted in England ...

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August 19, 2013
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