- 28"/ 720mm Vinyl Cutting Plotter with Stand

- Artcut Software & CorelDraw & USB DRIVERS

- 3 Roland Cutting Blades and Biro Pen Component

- Flat T-Shirt Heat Press 38x38cm

- SAWGRASS SG400 A4 Sublimation Printer 

- Sublijet-HD Sublimation Ink CMYK

- Sublimation Paper

- Installation Instructions

The vinyl cutter has a surface size of 28” which means it will accommodate material greater than A1 size. The blade can be adjusted to cut through different materials (compatible with Roland Blades). 

The motor delivers speeds of up to 800 mm/s so the material can be cut quickly and with a maximum force of 500g it cuts through various materials with ease.

The Vinyl Cutter allows you to cut not just fabric vinyl but other vinyl i.e for signs and decals for interior designing, which makes it very durable and versatile.

The heat press is well suited for pressing a various items, like T-Shirts, phone covers,iPad covers, mouse mats etc. The Heat pad is coated with a non-stick Teflon which ensures a high quality print. With a temperature range of 0-400°C the heat press can also be used to cure screen printed t-shirts at high temperatures.

We provide a SAWGRASS SG400 A4 Sublimation Printer so that you can get printing and pressing right away. The SG400 Printer is fully compatible with sublimation paper and full instructions on how to set up the SG400 for printing are provided.


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